Introducing Prince Habib....

At the age of 10, and armed with a tape recorder, Prince Habib began piecing together lyrics and melodies with insight that surpassed his youth. He began singing and writing music since he could remember. The youngest of four, he received vocal lessons singing along with his family’s soulful collection of records and tapes. Stevie Wonder, Donny Hathaway, and George Benson were strong influences for him.

In San Diego, Prince Habib became a regular at open mics and clubs throughout the city. It was here that he became known as a singer/songwriter known for smooth, soulful vocals and engaging freestyle live performances.

“Music has always been an intimate part of my life and through my music I explore ways to express creativity and my spiritual experiences” Prince Habib says. Prince Habib possesses a bright, powerful voice that transcends the borders of musical style. This songster has successfully fused R&B, jazz and Hip Hop backgrounds into a distinct soul- flavored sound
“As an artist, I want to be able do anything and say whatever I feel, It’s about expressing myself through words and music, That’s what being an artist means to me.” Prince Habib